National Museum Pre-Wedding | Anna and Mike


I have so many gorgeous shoots I wanna share with everyone and I can’t wait to share all of them with you. So here’s one to tick off from my list. The inspiration for this shoot is the New York Library and the closest we have of that is our very own National Museum, the New York Library will have to wait for now. It was my first time not only to shoot there, but to be there since I’ve always wanted to go but whenever I have the time to, the museum will be closed. I still have to go back to see the enjoy the masterpieces and artifact collections.

Anna and Mike, already a beautiful couple as they are, even put some effort on their pre-wedding session. They had dresses and suits made for this shoot, shopping and/or having clothes made for pre-wedding sessions are good ways to update your wardrobe. Anna looked stunning and personally I think she looks a bit like Bianca Gonzales and Ava Daza while Mike resembles Dingdong Dantes in some of the photos.

Anna_Mike_PW_0002 Anna_Mike_PW_0003 Anna_Mike_PW_0004 Anna_Mike_PW_0005 Anna_Mike_PW_0006 Anna_Mike_PW_0007 Anna_Mike_PW_0008 Anna_Mike_PW_0009 Anna_Mike_PW_0010 Anna_Mike_PW0015 Anna_Mike_PW0017 Anna_Mike_PW0019 Anna_Mike_PW0020 Anna_Mike_PW0021 Anna_Mike_PW0023 Anna_Mike_PW0025 Anna_Mike_PW0026 Anna_Mike_PW0027 Anna_Mike_PW0028 Anna_Mike_PW0029 Anna_Mike_PW0030 Anna_Mike_PW0031 Anna_Mike_PW0033 Anna_Mike_PW0034 Anna_Mike_PW0036 Anna_Mike_PW0037 Anna_Mike_PW0040 Anna_Mike_PW0041 Anna_Mike_PW0042 Anna_Mike_PW0044 Anna_Mike_PW0045

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