Tokyo Japan Destination Pre-Wedding Photographer | Dhana and RJ

In Metrophoto we take a great deal of pride with our work and with what we provide our clients – be it the service, the attention, and of course, the photographs themselves. While other suppliers broadcast how overflowing the number of their clients are, we strive to make sure that we keep ours in a very low and manageable figure for this is the only way we can guarantee that we are able to give nothing but the best.

Last year we had three shoots in Japan. Given that we don’t repeat a shoot – that is many for our standards. We could have shot a lot more but we intentionally shot less and make sure that those that we do are well-thought of, unique, and are a standout. I’m sure you’ll agree when you see the previous two Japan shoots that we featured here and here.

Today, it’s the pre-wedding shoot of Dhana and RJ that takes center stage. Shot in multiple locations around Tokyo and neighbouring cities, it was one for the books as they flew in a total of 9 people for the shoot (including themselves) and we were all treated to the best places to eat each and every time. Couples invest a lot in travelling, we believe that they at least deserve to get the best attempt and most genuine intention possible in their shoot and to never settle or get compromised because of too many commitments. Because the results and what they felt will always tell.

We will be back in Japan this February and will have just one slot open for a chance to have the shoot of a lifetime, please make sure you message us in order to have a chance at it. Please enjoy the photos.

Thanks to the team of Albert Kurniawan for Dhana’s make-up and to Jeff Galang for styling the entire shoot.


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