Official Photos from the Wedding of Pauleen Luna and Vic Sotto (Part 3 of 3)

We saved the best for last. Although honestly the first two parts were glorious in their own terms, the highlight is always the ceremony – the actual rites of marriage, the bridal march, and all the tradition we all know about but still are so awed every time we get to witness them.

It is no secret that Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna are huge public figures. The secret are the details of the wedding. It was ideal for the event to be as intimate as possible, so no one really knew exactly where and when it is going to take place – the information were many and confusing. But a few weeks leading up to the celebration, somehow, everything got out and got confirmed. The entire country was not only awaiting the day but also knows where it was going to be. As a mitigating plan, it was discussed that the church will be closed during the ceremony, but people who attended the mass just before the wedding didn’t leave the church anymore, thus closing the church itself was useless.

It was literally chaos but it was all fun. If there are people who are used and moreover, thrive in such situations, it would be Pauleen and Vic. The crowd gave the event a whole new mood – one of thrill, one of madness, and one of adoration. The turn of events may not have been what was planned, but it has allowed Vic to be Vic, Pauleen to be Pauleen, and the rest be who they are – friends, family and fans – each one a priceless part on the success of this wedding. Enjoy the photos.

If you missed the first 2 parts of this Pauleen and Vic’s wedding, you can check them out here and here.


5 thoughts on “Official Photos from the Wedding of Pauleen Luna and Vic Sotto (Part 3 of 3)

  1. sam

    Thank you for sharing everything to us fans.. But still bitin.. Sana mei video ng from wedding to reception.. But kudos to your team.. Galing.. Godbless..

  2. Jackie Hombrebueno

    It’s a very unique wedding Pauline & Bossing…God Bless, kudos to my metro photo you made the wedding so special and its shows how they’ love each other and the people around them.

  3. chris diaz

    had a grand time watching the photos…everybody was in their prettiest form, shots were sooo alive and vibrant!

    Kudos and big hurray to the team! a job well done!

  4. Queenie Oh

    Haayyy…sana may vid nung napaiyak si bossing.. bihira kong makitang magibg emotional ai bossing. Pics pa lang napaiyak na ako. What more kung may video pa. Thank you for sharing their pics!! God bless…


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