Zhangjiajie National Park Pre-wedding | Tracey and Lester

People have asked me what is my most difficult shoot. Let me say that this one we are featuring today is. We are no novices when it comes to travel, but for this trip, we came in not too prepared. The temperature was much much colder than what we expected so we weren’t clothed enough – never mind Tracey and Lester having to wear less clothes for the purpose of being in front of the camera, we photographers should have been more covered. And if that wasn’t enough, rain dampened our already discouraged bodies and spirits and the view of the what was supposed to be stunning mountains, were covered with fog. I haven’t shot in more pain and with less reward.

This theme of unfortunate things continued throughout the entire shoot. If it wasn’t our guide, being so difficult and unsupportive, it would be the hoards of crowds or the inconsideration of the other people we talk to. But like I said, we are no novices in this. We adjusted, we improvised, and we carried on. We made sure that we make the most out of the time and the opportunity that was present and while this still the most difficult shoot we have done, I’m proud of what we have accomplished. It’s still amazing, it’s still unique, and as always – one for the books.

For those of you wondering, we traveled to Zhangjiajie in China for this shoot. It takes a good entire day to get to the town with the plane transfer and the six-hour long bus ride. The place is special because this is where the Avatar mountains are. Remember the floating mountains from the movie? Yes, those were conceived when they saw the mountains of Zhangjiajie. You may not fully appreciate them in the photos since they are somewhat obscured by fog but it does add a certain enigma to the photos. Those plus the stunning atmosphere of the Baofeng lake make this shoot even more memorable.

So please enjoy the photos. This is China like you’ve never seen it before.


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