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With all due respect to the amazing places in the Philippines, there is nothing that can compare with the uniqueness and the charm of Batanes. It is simply the single most spectacular location in the country – it is a world of its own. Its lack of facilities and the unpredictability to get to just adds to its appeal. I guess this is the reason that it has become more and more popular. In fact just in this last year alone I’ve seen countless of shoots (mostly wedding related) being done there.

Such an amazing place may mean pretty pictures – yes because it’s easy to shoot and that leads to most of the photographs taken in Batanes looking more and more similar than the last. I guess the challenge really is how to make something marvellous even more well, marvellous. How to exceed the expectations when the expectations are already lofty.

The answer, while I know it, is as difficult to explain as it is to actually shoot it. Surely it begins with the couple – beautiful as the place but tough as nails. I have been in awe with what my brides do for the sake of our shoots. I ask them to do what I know are not only possible, but are also considerably safe. I’m the first one to take back an idea if I realise that I myself might not be able to do it. Hana, as I have proved, is tougher, more flexible, and a lot braver than me. On one instance at the lighthouse, she remarkably climbed a window which I thought was impossible to get to. I was somewhat shocked but indeed overjoyed. She and Afshin made something spectacular with what is already spectacular. Other things of course are the team, the planning, and the experience. There are so many other NEWER things and ways one can see Batanes if they know how to look or if they are with people who know how to look. How all of these go together are more difficult to explain by mere words but surely the photographs below will answer what I’m trying to say.

We’ve been waiting to show these for quite some time and now we are proud to share with you a Batanes pre-wedding shoot – done the Metrophoto way. Enjoy.

Hana_Afshin_PWB001 copyHana_Afshin_PWB002Hana_Afshin_PWB003 copyHana_Afshin_PWB004Hana_Afshin_PWB005Hana_Afshin_PWB006Hana_Afshin_PWB007Hana_Afshin_PWB008 copyHana_Afshin_PWB009 copyHana_Afshin_PWB010Hana_Afshin_PWB011 copyHana_Afshin_PWB012 copyHana_Afshin_PWB013Hana_Afshin_PWB014 copyHana_Afshin_PWB015Hana_Afshin_PWB016 copyHana_Afshin_PWB017 copyHana_Afshin_PWB018Hana_Afshin_PWB019Hana_Afshin_PWB020 copyHana_Afshin_PWB021 copyHana_Afshin_PWB022 copyHana_Afshin_PWB023Hana_Afshin_PWB024Hana_Afshin_PWB025Hana_Afshin_PWB026Hana_Afshin_PWB027 copyHana_Afshin_PWB028 copyHana_Afshin_PWB029 copyHana_Afshin_PWB030Hana_Afshin_PWB031Hana_Afshin_PWB032 copyHana_Afshin_PWB033Hana_Afshin_PWB034Hana_Afshin_PWB035Hana_Afshin_PWB036 copyHana_Afshin_PWB037 copyHana_Afshin_PWB038 copyHana_Afshin_PWB039Hana_Afshin_PWB040Hana_Afshin_PWB041 copyHana_Afshin_PWB042 copyHana_Afshin_PWB043Hana_Afshin_PWB044 copyHana_Afshin_PWB045Hana_Afshin_PWB046 copyHana_Afshin_PWB047 copy copyHana_Afshin_PWB048Hana_Afshin_PWB049Hana_Afshin_PWB050 copyHana_Afshin_PWB051 copyHana_Afshin_PWB052 copyHana_Afshin_PWB053 copyHana_Afshin_PWB054 copyHana_Afshin_PWB055 copyHana_Afshin_PWB056Hana_Afshin_PWB057 copyHana_Afshin_PWB058Hana_Afshin_PWB059Hana_Afshin_PWB060Hana_Afshin_PWB061Hana_Afshin_PWB062 copyHana_Afshin_PWB063 copyHana_Afshin_PWB064

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