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I have to say that movies are on top of the list when it comes to where I get inspirations for my shoot. Doesn’t matter if it’s sci-fi or drama – there is always something there I can be inspired with. Of course the problem is that I’m ‘only’ a wedding photographer. We don’t have the abyssal pockets that producers have, we can’t just close down an entire town, much more create any sizable set for a shoot. Never mind considering digital imaging – we want the experience and the photographs to be as real as possible.

But honestly, instead of these limitations intimidating me, they motivate me. There is the challenge to achieve these shots and do more than what people expect wedding photographs should be and we head-on accept it. For starters, I may not have experienced actors at my disposal but my client’s willingness and utter trust more than make-up for that missing skill. Plus, if we take goodlooks into account, there isn’t much of a gap there at all. Then we research, we plan and we carefully allocate whatever resources we have to achieve the best possible outcome – it is always the least amount of input and the most amount of output and no effin excuses.

All these being said, I’m very proud to showcase with you all today the photos from our pre-wedding shoot in Bangkok. It may not yet be a movie or a National Geographic material but it sure is damn close. The photographs are of epic proportions both literally and figuratively. I cannot be more grateful to the opportunity of having clients and a team that have the same drive and vision as I do. I must admit also though that none of this would have been possible if not for the huge assistance of Pui, our angel from Bangkok. She and her brother and Lukmai translated all our requests to the elephant trainers with no hesitation even when the trainers themselves look perplexed with what we want to happen.

Enjoy the photos :)


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