Twins Debut Celebration | Gail and Giann

We don’t get to shoot debut celebrations that much, but those that we get to do are really something else. You may have seen one of our previous coverages here. Today’s feature is even more different. Well for starters, it is the first time we’ve seen a debut event of a girl-boy twins. Yes, it is a double celebration but not the usual one. Ordinarily, only Gail would celebrate an 18th birthday and Giann will celebrate his on his 21st. But these two can’t be separated; and upon Gail’s requests, Giann agreed to join on his 18th birthday as well. There had been many travel theme events already – from weddings to corporate events and surely even debuts but I don’t think I’ve seen anything in the scale of this. We have a towering replica of the Eiffel Tower right smack in the middle of the biggest ballroom in the Philippines complemented by the world’s other iconic structures such as The Stature of Liberty, The Petronas Towers, The Louvre, and many more. There is even a life-size helicopter that was built for Giann’s grand entrance. I haven’t even mentioned the production numbers, the cocktail set-up, the twins’ wardrobes, the design of the tunnel leading to the event, and yes the raffles prizes that included brand new iPhone 7s and vacation packages. It was an event that was in a level of its own.

It took hundreds of people working for several days to assemble and install everything. Our meetings are always at least 25-people big and for a pre-debut shoot how about doing it both in Osaka (check it out here) and in Balesin? All of these made possible by the warm and kind heart of the Solis family who wanted noting but the best for their once-in-a-lifetime celebration and by the leadership, hardwork and tenacity of Christine Ong-Te and her team. We at Metrophoto are very grateful for such an opportunity. And now that we are booking more and more debut celebrations, we can’t wait to see how our brand can take all these visions to an even better reality. Enjoy the photos.

Supplier line-up:
Coordination: Christine Ong-Te
Gail’s Make-up: Mickey See
Gail’s Hair: Jay Wee
Giann’s Grooming: The Spoiled Groom
Wardrobe Styling: Jeff Galang
Designers: Mak Tumang/Jerome Salaya Ang/Maxie Cinco
Videography: Notion in Motion
Pre-debut Videography: Project Mayo 7
Venue: Marriott Grand Ballroom
Event Stylist/Production Design: Gideon Hermosa/4th Wall
Musicians: 3rd Avenue/MPO
Emcees: Lia Guerrero/Eri Neeman
Lights and Sounds: High Impact and 10 inch
Video Mapping: Lamphouse Entertainment


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