Metrophoto Pre-Weddings | Steph and Randell

We have been very fortunate to have travelled significantly around the world documenting all forms of love. Sometimes it even comes to a point where clients let us choose the location – it gets as awesome as that. From shoots in Dubrovnik to the Cook islands, the hardwork we’ve put in all these years have really paid off.

But it is not every time we get to go where we want to go. There are instances that we need to get creative (yes, even more than we already do) in order to ‘go somewhere’.

We did this before, recreating and shooting Havana, Cuba using a couple of locations within Metro Manila. That feature is always worth seeing.

For the pre-wedding shoot of Steph and Randell, we had the vision of recreating the Nepal countryside. I have seen and studied the landscape of Kathmandu from various pictures and realized that except for the traditional tents and flags that are present amongst the cliffs, the topography is not that different from what we have here in the Philippines.

Steph did an awesome job of finding the right location and then we added the needed elements – including the extras that comprised of horses and locals. A more authentic looking tent and flags would have really nailed it but we are very much happy nonetheless.

I am really grateful to Staph and Randell for being very much involved in making this shoot a success – from the planning and of course up to being in front of the camera as well. The experience and the resulting photographs are unlike any other. Enjoy.


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