Santuario de San Antonio and Shangri-la Makati Weddings | Steph and Randell

In just the last week, we have featured three weddings that had their preparation, ceremony and receptions in the exact same venues – Makati Shangri-la and Santuario de San Antonio. It’s numbing for anyone to shoot in the same venues over and over again, things become routine and it’s not difficult to fall into a trap of mediocrity and of uninspiredness (if that is even a word). It has taken us years to master the technique of looking past the establishments and look at the people themselves – the bride and the groom, their families, their fiends, and somehow everything is so different, somehow everything is always new and exciting. This, and the effort to know every corner we have shot before are how we get to produce weddings that are unique from each other. By genuinely knowing and caring for them, we don’t compromise anything.

Today’s feature is the beautiful wedding of Steph and Randell. Of course when you spend an entire day shooting under the scorching sun, in an almost uninhabited island bonds do get formed. If you don’t know what I am talking about, you should check out Steph and Randell’s pre-wedding shoot here. By the time of their wedding, I almost know them more than I know some of my friends. Ok, maybe not, but that surely how it felt. There was an air excitement like we weren’t there to just be photographers of the wedding but like we are going to go there, have fun and shoot it like it’s our own. It was an amazing experience and imagine that we do that night in and night out. Life’s unfair.

None of those is possible without Steph and Randell being the people that they are. Extremely considerate, fun, nice, with impeccable taste and good looking. It’s easy to go past challenges when the cards you are dealt are like those. Having to put together this feature made me appreciate them more as I got to relive all the moments yet again. I hope you do too. Enjoy.

Supplier line-up:
Make-up: Mickey See
Gown: Patricia Santos
Flowers and Styling: Teddy Manuel
Groom’s Suit: Ermenegildo Zegna
Coordination: Christine Ong-Te
Videography: Notion in Motion
Ceremony: Santuario de San Antonio
Emcee: Sam YG
Reception: Makati Shangri-la


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