Osaka Japan Pre-Wedding Photographer | Marie and Abe

I’ve always said that Metrophoto is a customer service company that just happens to take really amazing photos. We love what we do, but we love our clients even more. It is from this philosophy that our identity was formed.

Ironically or should I say fittingly, we also get the nicest and most considerate of clients. We feel that they take care of us more than we deserve. And this was brought to the extreme by Marie and Abe. Whenever I feel happy that I have delivered or have done something good for them, they do something better for me. I try to make-up for that, but then the cycle continues.

I have not given up yet, but maybe I should. lol! They are just the kindest and most generous people you will ever meet, and I would understand why some people would take advantage of that. They remembered the things that I should do for myself that I myself forget, and they do it for me instead (and more). I extremely appreciate people like that and these guys, I love to bits and their Osaka Pre-wedding Shoot.

Today’s feature of their shoot in Osaka, Japan is a highlight of the many highlights of this year that was full of destination shoots. They almost literally told me that we should relax, which I initially resisted but then gladly obliged to. I hope you enjoy the this Kyoto, Japan Pre-wedding Shoot (and the behind-the-scenes video) as much as we immensely did, taking them.


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