Shaping the M Vision

Founded in 2007, M began as a representation of Oly Ruiz’s artistic sojourn. The auspicious beginning of Metrophoto, as it was known then, was marked by the wedding of Shai and Nic at Manila’s Grand Dame, the Manila Hotel, and word quickly spread of a new light in the wedding industry who could take a couple’s idea of a dream wedding and bring it to vivid life.

2009 saw Metrophoto taking its next step, formally launching the brand with top videographer Jason Magbanua interpreting Oly’s vision. With the event, Oly joined the pantheon of the top-of-mind photographers for the most chic once-in-a-lifetime weddings in the country.

A whirlwind, jampacked schedule of the most unique pre-nuptial shoots and wedding coverages left an indelible impression in the industry. The “Metrophoto signature” became one of the things stylish, creative couples aspired to, especially since Oly and his team constantly pushed the envelope, trying new things and refusing to accept the phrase “but you can’t do that,” most especially when he pioneered the use of drones in his work in 2015.

Soon the demand for Metrophoto became a growing clamor. And so in 2014, Erron Ocampo added his vision to Oly’s, and Paolo Nievres, a Metrophoto protégé, followed in 2015. With the addition of Dino Lara in 2017, Metrophoto became M.

M stands on the threshold of a new era as it marks its first decade, and now, the creative journey continues with the shaping of the M Aesthetic.