Whether it is the photographs we take, the essays we write on our blog, or the service we provide; everything has always been about quality, everything has always been about being hand made, because everything has always been about you. The level of skill required in creating the new Legacy line albums and products are unprecedented in the wedding industry. The intricacies are imaginative, thus the details are cumbersome and the processes are delicate but we’ve practiced endlessly to make it perfect for you.

It’s easy to be different but very difficult to be better

– Jon Ive

It has been over five years since we launched our ground-breaking tile-adorned Artisan Albums. Since then, we have spent countless of resources in designing our next line of products – scouring the rarest and most exquisite materials found the in world. High-grade copper alloys and top-quality animal hide give the Legacy line products a new level of distinction. The game has changed yet again. 

There is no better validation of your love for one another than the photographs of the day you vowed to stay together forever. These most exquisite photographs that we constantly deliver deserve to be placed in the finest albums and trunks available. Fortunes are spent on things that don’t last forever or on things that are not as symbolic as your marriage to each other, what more to the ultimate showpiece of your love. With the amount of dedication we put in every aspect of our products of the only thing you’ll regret is not getting married to the same woman more than once. 

Excellence is never just there, it is forged with constant improvement, execution, and resolve. And the culmination of years of this excellence, now that’s a Legacy -Metrophoto’s most luxurious trunks and albums yet.


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