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I often get asked on who comes-up with the concepts that we execute in our pre-wedding shoots. Inaccurately people assume or expect that it would be me who devices these brilliant ideas. But really, that hardly happens. We owe a huge part of the conceptualization and forethought to our couples. And while others might argue that it is our job as our photographers to make everything happen, we believe that there is always that invaluable idea deep inside every couple that’s unique and meaningful to them and we should help bring that about.
Foremost, just by booking us, our couples already possess the qualities wanting to be set apart and the realization of what it takes to be in a class of their own. So what we do is use a process that we have developed to hone those qualities and allow them to produce ideas they thought they didn’t have before. By undergoing this, we not only make it easier to shoot diverse concepts but we also make the experience more meaningful by getting them more involved.
We put them in a position to succeed, but the results will always vary. Every now and then there will be proposals that will absolutely astound you.
Today’s post is one of those concepts that I absolutely loved when it was suggested to me even though I had no idea if it was even possible. But really, the more they seem out of the question, the more we try to do it. So yes, Carol wanted a shoot with tigers. Shoots like these, are only envisioned by top fashion magazines but who else says we cannot do it. We might fall short on resources and of time but bottom-line, it will be our willingness and the quality of execution that will carry the entire shoot.
Putting aside fear and doubt, we were able produce images beyond the limitations that we had and I’m happy with the results and I’m very proud of Carol and RJ. Who else will say they have faced their wildest imagination right? Only the Metrophoto Bride. :) Enjoy.
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4 thoughts on “Unique Prewedding Photos | Carol and JR

  1. Carol

    Galing talaga Oly!! Speechless!! :) Everybody was in awe during the wedding.. They still can’t get over it til now! :)

  2. Gerard Salimpade

    The concept of this pre-nup is absolutely brilliant and unparalleled. I love how the colors of their clothing stood out from the scene, thus giving emphasis to the couple. Furthermore, I’m a fan of tigers so it really caught my attention. I’m really awestruck with. Superb!
    I hope I could try shoot like this someday


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