M by Metrophoto Digital Magazine | Jacky’s Debut Celebration Issue

A new issue of M by Metrophoto Digital Magazine is now available for download featuring the beautiful Debut party of Jacky de Guzman.
Download your free copy by getting the app from the Apple Appstore or from Google Play.
Below is the editorial write-up on the issue and some screenshots of the pages of the interactive magazine.
Our First Debut Celebration Issue
We haven’t really quite grasped the full potential of this e-magazine, and every issue we create, we discover more ways to exploit this technology. Because of the urge to always add more, it has become a challenge to put a brake on things we decide to include in the issue to make it comprehensive yet still engaging.
Not having the opportunity to cover a lot of debut celebrations, it’s serendipitous that around the time we launched this e-magazine, we were able to take part in one of the most elaborately beautiful we’ve ever seen. Jacky’s 18th birthday party was the perfect event to be the inceptive debut celebration issue of M by Metrophoto.
This party is unlike many of those that we’ve seen or known before. Surely there is the grand and meticulously pieced together framework that I’m sure painstakingly consisted of not just hundreds of parts but of hundreds of man-hours as well. Henry Pascual’s realisation of a Venetian Masquerade ball inside one of the country’s best hotels is awe-inspiring. It is not new for clients to really invest in making parties like these unforgettable but it is always easy to go over-the-top. The festive yet unassuming mood that guests felt and echoed even days after the event, made this one a standout. Absent are the arduous portions of a program and the excessive self-glorification and the overt show of affluence. Hats off to Teena Barretto and Jacky’s parents for that.
As you browse through this first debut celebration issue, we hope that we also give off that very beautiful yet modest and sincere sense of affair that this truly was. After all, everything was and should be about Jacky and nothing else best describe her than those.



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