Karlene and Mike| Sacred Heart and Manila Polo Club


The last couple of months had been extremely busy for Metrophoto. We’re delighted that we’ve constantly made an effort to cut-down and streamline our shoots because we would have been forced to compromise if we hadn’t. At least 100% time and effort for each shoot is still the goal and the status quo. Where we need some improvement is in posting features on this site. We’e been very good at it until these last couple of months. But we’ve adjusted and we are now ready go at it again.

What better way to come back blogging than to come back strong. Power couple Karlene and Mike’s beautiful wedding is what’s in store for all of us today. Shot several months ago, I can’t believe time has flown so fast. In fact if that first Malaysian Airlines crash seemed so long ago already, it happened around about the same day. I know it’s not the most pleasant of reasons to associate any wedding with and you don’t need it to remember this celebration because everything else, from how gorgeous Karlene and Mike looked (honestly, I’ve never seen any groom rock the barong tagalog more handsomely than Mike), the beautiful people that took part in their wedding, up to one of the most fun reception programs I’ve seen, made it a stand-out on its own.

Enjoy the photos and please do visit back soon for more frequent posts :)

Karlene_Mike_B002 Karlene_Mike_B003 Karlene_Mike_B004 Karlene_Mike_B005 Karlene_Mike_B006 Karlene_Mike_B007 Karlene_Mike_B008 Karlene_Mike_B009 Karlene_Mike_B010 Karlene_Mike_B011 Karlene_Mike_B012 Karlene_Mike_B013 Karlene_Mike_B014 Karlene_Mike_B015 Karlene_Mike_B016 Karlene_Mike_B017 Karlene_Mike_B018 Karlene_Mike_B019 Karlene_Mike_B020 Karlene_Mike_B021 Karlene_Mike_B022 Karlene_Mike_B023 Karlene_Mike_B024 Karlene_Mike_B025 Karlene_Mike_B026 Karlene_Mike_B027 Karlene_Mike_B028 Karlene_Mike_B029 Karlene_Mike_B030 Karlene_Mike_B031 Karlene_Mike_B032 Karlene_Mike_B033 Karlene_Mike_B034 Karlene_Mike_B035 Karlene_Mike_B036 Karlene_Mike_B037 Karlene_Mike_B038 Karlene_Mike_B039 Karlene_Mike_B040 Karlene_Mike_B041 Karlene_Mike_B042 Karlene_Mike_B043 Karlene_Mike_B044 Karlene_Mike_B045 Karlene_Mike_B046 Karlene_Mike_B047 Karlene_Mike_B048 Karlene_Mike_B049 Karlene_Mike_B050 Karlene_Mike_B051 Karlene_Mike_B052 Karlene_Mike_B053 Karlene_Mike_B054 Karlene_Mike_B055 Karlene_Mike_B056 Karlene_Mike_B057 Karlene_Mike_B058 Karlene_Mike_B059 Karlene_Mike_B060 Karlene_Mike_B061 Karlene_Mike_B062 Karlene_Mike_B063 Karlene_Mike_B064 Karlene_Mike_B065 Karlene_Mike_B066 Karlene_Mike_B067 Karlene_Mike_B068 Karlene_Mike_B069 Karlene_Mike_B070 Karlene_Mike_B071 Karlene_Mike_B072 Karlene_Mike_B073 Karlene_Mike_B074 Karlene_Mike_B075 Karlene_Mike_B076 Karlene_Mike_B077 Karlene_Mike_B078 Karlene_Mike_B079 Karlene_Mike_B080 Karlene_Mike_B081 Karlene_Mike_B082 Karlene_Mike_B083 Karlene_Mike_B084 Karlene_Mike_B085

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