The New Boudoir Dolls

The term Bourdoir in recent years has gone from literally being a woman’s private sitting room or salon to a photography verb which means to shoot someone in a sexy and intimate way. More identified with wedding photography because it is the brides who has more and more liked the idea of having their photos taken to sort of preserve how they looked before they plunge into marriage. This style has gained prominence throughout North America and Asia.

In the Philippines the pioneer in Boudoir-centric photography is The Boudoir Dolls. They’ve been put up several years back and have shot hundreds of women already. They are about taking beautiful and intimate portraits while making sure their subjects are at their most comfortable. Already established, what they want right now is to expand the whole idea of what Boudoir Photography is and use their influence to push forward vital women and social issues if needed. This time, shoots will not be bounded inside the confines of a room or a studio, everywhere and anywhere are options as long as the concept is planned properly and carefully. Poses, look, tones, and overall execution will also undergo minor but essential improvements to highlight even more the sophistication of the subject in the resulting photographs. And it is now all about experience not just the photos.

As part of the re-brand of The Boudoir Dolls, Arlene, Madoka and Shayla (the photographers and the “boudoir dolls”) had Metrophoto shoot their own boudoir portraits. It was such a great experience and we’re very grateful to be a part of what they are set to do and achieve. These are indeed very exciting times for all brides to be. To know more about the New Boudoir Dolls, you can visit their website here.


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