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It’s a struggle to write blog posts when there aren’t many words to say, but the struggle is most when there are just too many, it seems impossible to determine where to start. I’m at a lost for words writing today’s feature. I don’t know if it is because the experience was amazing, or because the photos were some of the best I’ve shot, or because Kam and Lewis were two people just being incredible in so many ways. Honestly, I think it is all of those. This trip took us to China’s cities of Shanghai, Lijiang, and Shangri-la. Each city has its own charm and each offered a different adventure both photo-wise and experience-wise.

Being a city guy, I love cosmopolitans. Shanghai obviously is a favourite and while I was familiar with it somehow, I was still surprised with how we were able to bring about the allure of old China just by walking around. From the shoots we did on a rooftop overlooking Shanghai’s captivating skyline, to those by the streets; we were able to capture contrasting sides of the city (old and new and night and day) that were both intense and beautiful. These photos are those you will see in the first part of the feature.

The second part of this special post, showcases the photos from Lijiang and Shangri-la, which I didn’t know was a real place (and not just a hotel brand). A part of the Tibetan Autonomous Region, Shangri-la indeed feels like being in magical lost horizon. Here I came face to face with my dream to shoot amongst Tibetan monasteries, people, and landscapes.

Those who are familiar with our work, know that we love shooting with animals. We love their grace and instinct. From elephants, camels, to whales and tigers, we are proud of the animals that we have shot and in Lijiang, we added the Yak to that list. These beings are majestic yet crude at the same time. We are able to have amazing photos with it but not before it careened Kam off its back and plunged her to the freezing water.

Speaking about Kam, I couldn’t have wished for a better bride and subject for this trip. We was perfect in every way possible. Extremely gorgeous and even more feisty. She and Lewis made every frame I envision, a cinematic reality. Their impeccable taste and desire for excellence is top notch and they are very nice people.

These are the stuff of legends, shoots that I thought I’d only dream about. Made possible by a combination of many different talents including that of Adrianne Concepcion (styling) and Ricky Calderon (make-up). I hope that you luxuriate in every photo for it is not too often that the world is treated to something like this. Enjoy.


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