A Cuban Pre-wedding Shoot | Jazz and Archie



Being a Metrophotobride is not easy. It is a commitment not only to excellence but also, admittedly, to spend, on the limited spots we can accommodate every year. These are reasons there aren’t many of them and because of this exclusivity, there is the pride in being one – for brides with pride as how we term it internally. But I’m pretty sure that those who have made the commitment, those who became one, understands it differently from those outside looking in. Being a Metrophotobride is not a challenge but one of the best things that can happen to you – if you are indeed one. Your entire being will tell you that and there is no escaping it. Today, I’m proud to bring to you the pre wedding shoot of Jazz and Archie, a shoot of a true-blue Metrophoto bride.

It took a long while before Jazz could commit to book us for her wedding. She had seen the photos, she had met us, but she tried to fight it for months on. Personally I knew she was one, also extremely pretty and super sweet and I wanted them to book me but it wasn’t up to me. Until one day I get this text message from her “Hi Oly, I called your secretary this morning and booked our wedding and prenup with you. It’s you! It’s always been you!” Imagine a scene from a movie – it felt somehow like that to me. haha. You see, there is no use resisting who you really are, you just have to let go.

And let go was what Jazz and Archie did. They let us suggest a few of our ideas for their pre-wedding shoot and we let them choose which one they liked the most. They said they wanted the most complicated concept and we all jumped in and took the challenge. This was no easy shoot to do, we didn’t want to deal with the usual locations, we didn’t want to see overused props, but we also didn’t want to overdo it. We were bringing Cuba to Manila. I must say that Jazz and Archie was the perfect couple to execute this kind of shoot, they embraced the entire concept, did whatever it took, and they looked absolutely beautiful.

So please do yourself a favour and check this yet-again one-of-a-kind pre wedding shoot that we are very proud to bring you.

Huge thanks to Jeff Galang for styling both Jazz and Archie and to Gery Penaso for Jazz make-up. Mike Lavarez of Metrophoto for all other stuff.

Jazz_Archie_PWB002 Jazz_Archie_PWB003 Jazz_Archie_PWB004 Jazz_Archie_PWB005 Jazz_Archie_PWB006 Jazz_Archie_PWB007 Jazz_Archie_PWB008 Jazz_Archie_PWB009 Jazz_Archie_PWB010 Jazz_Archie_PWB011 Jazz_Archie_PWB012 Jazz_Archie_PWB013 Jazz_Archie_PWB014 Jazz_Archie_PWB015 Jazz_Archie_PWB016 Jazz_Archie_PWB017 Jazz_Archie_PWB018 Jazz_Archie_PWB019 Jazz_Archie_PWB020 Jazz_Archie_PWB021 Jazz_Archie_PWB022 Jazz_Archie_PWB023 Jazz_Archie_PWB024 Jazz_Archie_PWB025 Jazz_Archie_PWB026 Jazz_Archie_PWB027 Jazz_Archie_PWB028 Jazz_Archie_PWB029 Jazz_Archie_PWB030 Jazz_Archie_PWB031 Jazz_Archie_PWB032 Jazz_Archie_PWB033 Jazz_Archie_PWB034 Jazz_Archie_PWB035 Jazz_Archie_PWB036 Jazz_Archie_PWB037 Jazz_Archie_PWB038 Jazz_Archie_PWB039 Jazz_Archie_PWB040 Jazz_Archie_PWB041 Jazz_Archie_PWB042 Jazz_Archie_PWB043__ Jazz_Archie_PWB043_ Jazz_Archie_PWB044 Jazz_Archie_PWB045 Jazz_Archie_PWB046 Jazz_Archie_PWB047 Jazz_Archie_PWB048 Jazz_Archie_PWB049 Jazz_Archie_PWB050 Jazz_Archie_PWB051 Jazz_Archie_PWB052 Jazz_Archie_PWB053 Jazz_Archie_PWB054 Jazz_Archie_PWB055


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