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As a photographer of weddings, I couldn’t be more grateful for all the things, places and especially people that I had the chance to photograph. As a photographer I still dream of taking photographs of things outside the realm of weddings, more particularly of wildlife. I’m a sucker for wildlife documentaries and photographs and it has always been my dream to not only see them in real life but actually shoot them.

Now there are times when one could not be so different than the other – when love and wildlife can coexist in the same frame. By all means it is not usual and by all means it is deranged but these are one of those things we always seek. From tigers, to camels, to elephants, and even jellyfishes, we almost always have connected and worked harmoniously with the most magnificent of creatures.

This time is different yet again. In what I can consider the closest we can come to a BBC or a Discovery Channel documentary, we were able to shoot with the amazing whale sharks of Oslob in the Philippines, together with our couple, Chex and Ed.

One of the resulting photographs that we had blew me away. I didn’t imagine that something like that could be possible. But I guess when you always try, when in every opportunity you always strive to push the boundaries, there will be a point when something so unbelievable will happen. And this is true not just for me as a photographer but for my team and surely for our beloved clients as well. There is no pushing any boundaries if not everyone is on the same direction.

Big time thanks to Chex and Ed for braving the concept and then the dive itself. You guys have inspired me. To my team, Erron, Mike (who lost his phone in this shoot) and Billy for working in all conditions to realize this vision. And to everyone else who continue to push us – whether because you love us a lot or because you hate us a lot, we always appreciate the extra dose of motivation.

Enjoy this Cebu pre-wedding that is surely unlike anything anyone have seen before.


3 thoughts on “Oslob Whale Shark Pre-Wedding | Chex and Ed

  1. Jennifer espinosa

    Hi, may i inquire about your package rate for underwater prenup? Been txting ur numbers i got on ur site, no replies and called those numbers but they are not ringing.

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