Morocco Destination Pre-Wedding Photographer | Aileen and Kevin (Part 1 of 2)

Ethereal, like its meaning, my experience on this pre-wedding photoshoot with Aileen and Kevin was “extremely exquisite that seems to be too perfect for this world.” They wanted their photoshoot to be something different and what we got was a mix of both the divine and the exotic. I was beside myself when they said to me that Marrakesh, Morocco was where they decided to have their pre-wedding shoot. This is a place people just dream about of going, moreover, having a photoshoot in.

Morocco has captivated many movies that were filmed in there such as Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven and the most-awesome American fantasy-drama series, Game of Thrones. I don’t know anyone from the Philippines that have done a shoot there yet, but if we really are the first, then we are very proud to share these photos and showcase with you to the rich culture of this unforgettable place. We always make it a point to come up with the most unique and elegant photographs, and Morocco simply served that to us in a silver platter – well almost.

Despite being one of the most picturesque locations in the world, Marrakech is also one of the most strict when in comes to photoshoots. Right off the bat or should I say at the airport, my drone was confiscated and this was a first of many encounters we had where either our portable lights were not allowed or even our DSLR cameras.

Everything in Morocco is attractively unusual. Aileen and Kevin poised their first photoshoot at the Menara Garden, a great landscape lined with olive trees. The background is a large pond at the foot of a pavilion that serves as a water reservoir of the city to irrigate crops. We didn’t waste time and they bravely climbed on top of The Koutoubia Mosque right away. And within a couple of minutes, someone was already asking us them to go down. After the garden, we used the natural setting of the city with its market and the restaurants around it – if you watched the movie Allied then that’s where the place took you. We got into a little discourse with the security people at the Bahia Palace because as we already expected, they didn’t want the lights and cameras brought in. This was the location when I had to improvise, so borrowed a point and shoot camera from the Aileen’s sister – a point and shoot! Amazingly, with very little instructions Aileen and Kevin immaculately graced the pristine palace of Bahia, adorned with its fascinating architecture and ceilings. It is completely a gem of experience and I love how the couple made the most out of the situation.

This shoot is special for the reasons I already described and for many more I will still tell. So we are splitting it into a two-part feature. In the concluding part of the pre-wedding photoshoot of Aileen and Kevin, we’ll feature more enthralling locations that Morocco had to offer. What’s more exciting is that we’ve filmed behind-the-shoot scenes of the photoshoot so we can bring you closer to ticking off Morocco in your bucket list. That one you can’t afford to miss.

In the meantime, enjoy the photos of the first part of Aileen and Kevin’s pre-wedding shoot below!


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