Discovery Shores Boracay Wedding Photographer | Tinsh and KR

Beach weddings, especially in a country like the Philippines, is one of the toughest to shoot. All it takes is 15 minutes and you have already consumed all your sweat allowances for the day. Conversely though, they are one of my most favourite to shoot. Because of the unpredictable nature of it, there is always an anticipation for something interesting, even more so at this wedding of Tinsh and KR.

It was a pleasant surprise to find out that KR is the brother of Sheryll, a Metrophoto bride I shot seven years ago! It was such a delight to see her and Mickey after such a long time, and this time with two adorable daughters in tow. I just love it when I shoot again for the same family, the love and the connection seem to just grow exponentially.

I wasn’t able to meet Tinsh and KR before the wedding day. I must admit that I was awestruck with how beautiful of a bride Tinsh is – and that is saying something. On the same day that Anne Curtis is marrying Erwan in New Zealand, here we are, in an alternate paradise with a bride just as stunning, if not even more.

Outdoor weddings in countries near the equator like the Philippines, will always struggle with so little golden light in the afternoon. Start just half-an-hour early and it will be uncomfortably hot for the guests, start half-an-hour later and you shoot most of your portraits in pitch black. The ceremony setup in front of Discovery Shores in this wedding, had a beautiful marquee that diffused the sun’s brightness. It made the place seem more heavenly and it allowed the ceremony to start earlier than usual, thus providing us a more manageable timetable. Kudos to Teddy Manuel and Amanda Tirol for conceiving such brilliant idea.

I hope you enjoy the photos of this surprise-filled and everything-beautiful Boracay wedding.

Make-up: Jelly Eugenio
Videography: Bob Nicolas
Flowers and Styling: Teddy Manuel
Coordination: Amanda Tirol of Boracay Weddings
Wedding Gown: Hannah Khong
Entourage Gowns: Teena Sabrina Tan
Venue: Discovery Shores Boracay
Emcee: Andrew Wolff


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