Dubrovnik Croatia Pre-wedding Photographer | Margaux and Francis

A bucket list is where people put things that are important for them to do and experience but they don’t have the means to do it yet quite so soon. For some, an item in their bucket list is to do something crazy like skydive or wrestle with a crocodile; for some it may be as profound as publishing his first novel or putting-up his or her own school for certain children, but for many it is really to see places. Truly as you scour social media for bucket lists, what you will find in them are always destinations that people dream of going to.

Margaux and Francis had one of the most beautiful weddings that I’ve been a part of – in fact I wasn’t only their photographer, I was also a groomsman. Yet their wedding bucket list doesn’t stop there, for part of it also is to be able to shoot an incredible post-wedding session with Metrophoto in the most amazing place on Earth. To identify that ‘most amazing’ place on Earth we then turned to my own bucket list of places I’ve always dreamt of shooting. The then-current top 5 easily were Bolivia, Croatia, Iceland, Peru, and Kenya. There are many other places in the list but these are top because were not as straightforward to get to for shoot and yet it was still possible. Margaux and Francis agreed to do not only one but two of the places there (Croatia and Iceland) and to just put into perspective the awesomeness of it all, Kotor in Montenegro, which is probably in the top ten of the list, was added as a shoo in.

This is why we called and ‘hash-tagged’ their wedding and this trip as the #bucketlistwedding. These are not only an item in Margaux and Francis’ bucketlist but mine as well. For 10 days, we shot and vacationed in the most amazing places on earth and I feel that there is no better way to do it or spend it. Yes, we had to bring attires and equipment but those just made them even more worthwhile.

To go in these places is one thing, for some people they can hire someone there to take photos of them, but to be able to go there and take Metrophoto with them, to have the most distinct, tasteful, and amazing photos of the entire experience (and as only part of the overall experience because we only shoot like 15% of the time) – I think is a great way to cross something off from the bucket list. Did I also mention that we had Mickey See with us to share the fun with and made sure Margaux looked gorgeous every step of the way? We did.

I have decided to post the feature into three different parts in order for everyone to appreciate each set and each photograph. Today, is the first part where we are featuring the shoot in Dubrovnik’s old town. Special thanks to Joe San Antonio for Margaux’s gown in this set and to Boy Kasner Santos for Francis’ suit. Please, do enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Dubrovnik Croatia Pre-wedding Photographer | Margaux and Francis

  1. shirley

    hi there,
    very awesome pic taken;)
    may i know if you will help photo taking in dubrovnik?
    or is there any local wedding company there?
    many thanks


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