Chinese Engagement Photographer | Shirley and Kevin

I rarely get commissioned to shoot a Tinghun or a Chinese Engagement, thus when I do, I know that it would be something quite special. What I didn’t expect was how ‘special’ today’s feature was going to be like. I have seen my share of Tinghun shoots but there is no comparison to this one of Shirley Vy and Kevin Wong.

I may have been surprised, but thinking about how Shirley and Kevin are I came to understand that I should not have expected anything less. Their taste and attention to detail are sublime and of no compromise. Shirley knows what she wants and how she wants it and all of these were manifested throughout the event.

From a custom-made ancient Chinese door, to lamps and chandeliers you only see in movies, and to how each person wore a unique cheongsam and yet all go together, there wasn’t a place or a piece not worth noting much less photographing. It was a sight like no other. Please, enjoy the Tinghun of Kevin Wong and Shirley Vy.

Make-up: Yuventius Albert Kurniawan
Video: Jason Magbanua
Gown: Atelier Patty Ang
Styling: Gideon Hermosa
Emcee and Planning: Jerome Go
Giveaways: Tris Engagement Celebrations

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